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Simple Present Tense

Choose The Correct Answer Below!
  1. I ___ English every day.
    a. Study
    b. Studies
    c. Studied
    d. Am studying
  2. Nina ___ to the bookstore.
    a. Gone
    b. Went
    c. Goes
    d. Go
  1. ___ buy some fruits.
    a. She
    b. He
    c. Rani
    d. My mother and I
  1. My father ___ a newspaper every morning.
    a. Reads
    b. Reading
    c. Has read
    d. Read
  1. The teacher ___ the students in the classroom.
    a. Teach
    b. Taught
    c. Teaching
    d. Teaches
  1. Nindy and Nando ___ in the yard.
    a. Plays
    b. Play
    c. Played
    d. Playing
  1. The cats ___ the fishes.
    a. Eat
    b. Ate
    c. Eats
    d. Ate
  1. I ___ a book.
    a. Bring
    b. Brought
    c. Brings
    d. Bringing
  1. You ___ in the bathroom.
    a. Sing
    b. Sang
    c. Sings
    d. Singing
  1. ___ watches television.
    a. John
    b. My sisters
    c. I
    d. My students