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Simple Present Tense

Choose The Correct Answer Below!
  1. I ___ English every day.
    a. Study
    b. Studies
    c. Studied
    d. Am studying
  2. Nina ___ to the bookstore.
    a. Gone
    b. Went
    c. Goes
    d. Go
  1. ___ buy some fruits.
    a. She
    b. He
    c. Rani
    d. My mother and I
  1. My father ___ a newspaper every morning.
    a. Reads
    b. Reading
    c. Has read
    d. Read
  1. The teacher ___ the students in the classroom.
    a. Teach
    b. Taught
    c. Teaching
    d. Teaches
  1. Nindy and Nando ___ in the yard.
    a. Plays
    b. Play
    c. Played
    d. Playing
  1. The cats ___ the fishes.
    a. Eat
    b. Ate
    c. Eats
    d. Ate
  1. I ___ a book.
    a. Bring
    b. Brought
    c. Brings
    d. Bringing
  1. You ___ in the bathroom.
    a. Sing
    b. Sang
    c. Sings
    d. Singing
  1. ___ watches television.
    a. John
    b. My sisters
    c. I
    d. My students


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Looking For Foreigners


At last semester, I got a group assignment to have a conversation with foreigner. My partner in crime is Hayati Nupus. We looked for foreigners at Kotu in Jakarta. We went there together with the other groups. We went there by train from the Tangerang Station to the Jakarta Kota Station. There was very crowded. Maybe because it was weekend, so many people went there to have the vacation. It was my first experience to have a conversation with foreigner. I was very excited nervous and confused how to start the conversation.